How Jews Kill the White Heterosexual Male

We have already established Jews run the media, especially entertainment, by the honesty of the English Beatles’ own admission 50 years ago. That is 2 generations of Whites. We only have 4 more generations to go, until genocide, our final gasps of breath are right now.
I came across this video accidentally. Since I have little Jewish media in my head, TV, movies, books, magazines etc. and I also “reject” what I see, just as I reject medicine, etc. I can “reject” any and all of what is Jewish Abuse against White male.
Again, my computer probably hacked again for the nth time cannot use the ‘Snipping Tool’ anymore. I’m afraid what the Hindu’s are advising will make it worse. For example, they wanted to do a System Restore on computer when the internet advises it won’t help. Plus I would lose all the changes I’ve already had to accomplish in the last 12 days.
In this video, “Fame” we see David Bowie and he represents a very blonde, White, Aryan type of man. It is accented in the fact his partner has swinging blonde hair, which at one point circles his own hair for she twirls in the background. Not before you think Jews are so “talented” what would Whites be like today had Thomas Alva Edison thoroughly kicked out the Jews with Edison’s roughians when Jews refused to stop using his patented movie machine in 1927. We will “never know,” nor can we ever recover the damages of what the Jews did to us and we ourselves thru ignorance, empirism. The same empirism churches use for global membership of races that are not damaged by Jews…. yet. Give them one generation here.
I always “doubt” what appears to me as Jewish trash; stilling having that forgiving, benefit of the doubt to Jews inside me, as I forgave the Jewish doctor that raped me in Chicago when he “promised” he was healed. I had already seen the face of the Devil in him when he threatened me with insane asylum for life, but in desperation “believed” him. Jews prey on our “believing” and abuse Christianity with it like the whips that whipped Jesus Christ.
So in watching video, I notice the tremendous Jewish flames. The same they used on Robert Duvall and Val Kilmer (Christian Science) on their posters. I’m using Christian Science on my emails for they are having a “ecumenical” conference for “all Christians.” What I have learned privately of Christianity, healing, saints, and Whites as the Chosen People is certainly open to all…. especially all Whites descendants of Christians.
Jews use flames to devour, destroy, kill. Sometimes it is used when a sex scene happens between 2 people on screen. But Bowie the Blonde Aryan is by himself. There are clip pix around him, one says “From Mars,” which we know are “men” from the famous book. The others have meaning but don’t have time to dwell on. I only have so many more sands in the human hour glass. Bowie makes motions around his face. Telephone call, etc. It is “code” as the all Jew show “Seinfeld” the Jew spoken “greatest comedy of all time, used codes between themselves on the screen, probably anti-Christ-ian, or White hating, black loving, race-breaking, etc. Whites just “laughed” and Jews took the advertising and millions if not billions all the way to the Jewish Fed Reserve Bank to distribute as Jews wished. But not Whites, unless Whites paid triple the price.
David’s black silhouette is flashed on screen. Jews know that a single “flash” works well with Whites who are so dumbed down, give them one word like “Change” and they will make a President on it, not on books, or deep understanding which should be the normal Christian White mind but isn’t. I doubted this black flashing and really get scared that I’m losing my mind. So I take risks of it. But then I have never had this USA mind, although I have tried so hard to fit in. United Semites of America.
Watch at the Jewish strategic point in video: 1:11. Another man’s hand forms a gun and then points it at David Bowie’s peter. It is the “worse” fear a man has, as the yellow Jew led Commie Chinese shot off my husband’s testicle and would have shot off his penis hadn’t the metalized holy picture stopped it. Yellows were “aiming” for the groin to stop our population as they aimed at the Christian Science man I dated where the Commies shot off his face, blue eye, skull. Holland, reconstructive surgery. I was raped by a man from Holland so I’m very suspicious of the people there. Must be under total Jewish control, their real estate and banking, wealth.
When I had to study 25 essays for English 101, all were either written by Jews, about Jews, or other races… except the one that referred to the White man as being “impotent.” Again, smashing the White man’s ability to reproduce and questioning his manhood. As they elevate homosexuals, not because Jews love them that much, but to bring down the White male in his own country.
David Bowie then “shoots” the groin of the guitar player, but when the White woman dances on screen, David Bowie goes “SHHHHH.” And that is what the Jews have done to the Whites both in Poland, Europe, and now America. And probably for the first time in history, there are a handful of people that see the entire picture. And we don’t even see it for Jews “cover up” their words and actions and would prosecute the few or spy on them that want White survival, not at the hands of Jews. Jews cannot cure what they diseased.
A black figure comes on screen again. Anyone that I would tell this to would call me “crazy” and is it worth it for me to think about helping the White Race or Christianity at the price of hatred and rejection, scorn, assaulting the one thing that one needs the most: the mind.
It seems as when Bowie puts on a cowboy vest he takes an imaginary gun from his pocket. And the white woman dances again, but one hears the drums go boom, boom, boom, like a machine gun sound. When he dances with the White girl, he makes a motion to his nose as one would do when referring to White snobs, Jewish snobs, even black snobs and brown snobs who treat Whites despicably when they form gangs, whether work, school, neighborhoods. It helps in frightening the Whites to death by fleeing the cities under Jewish “blockbusting” as Mama warned me back on the ‘50’s. But I thought like the rest of the people around my Mama: She’s crazy. But she was Truthful.
The White woman then kicks her leg up towards Davie Bowie’s face. It is something very hurtful to do in someone’s face. Kicking is good and I do it all the time to New York New York but I don’t aim it at the man or woman next to me as we play “Rockette” dancers.
At 2:40 you have to freeze for the Jews place a White mysterious symbol, perhaps a Jewish curse figure from their secretive Kaballa as Madonna is member…. White symbol over Bowie’s peter. Why? If I am right, then we Whites need to take a Jewish man and assault him that way and five times the amount to show that we understand and if the Chosen ??? Jews do it, it must be from “god?” What if we took Jewish people on the news and everytime they come on, have a blazing fire in front of them or their children, or wives, or have their Jewish wives kick them in the mouth or nose on music videos? And make sure everyone knows they are Jews with Star of David on their forehead or a burning menorah. Take all the things I’ve written about what Jews have done to the White man and give it back to them with “compounded interest.” Mama used to say that those that did evil to her would get it back with “compounded” interest.
The blonde (dumb blonde as Jews have brought down our smartest Aryan people and replaced in USA) goes to kiss Bowie with her finger. He then makes a fist and grabs his wrist.
The dance shows the two Whites touching their features. Hair, skin, eyes, what makes Whites “different” and “unique,” but soon dead. Immediately afterwards the dancers turn into a “black silhouette.” Let’s see “what’s next?”
Now you have to catch this closely, for after the big “kiss” that is how Jews really implant a message for your brainwashing. There is a globe slowly spinning. It starts to spin across Australia below, Europe, both East and West, Russia, and then….. and then…. the big Jewish finale to clobber the Whites on their head…. a still life of “Black Africa.” Never wonder “why” Obama was elected, wonder “how” you are going to stop this and “correct it.” If the Jews have their way, the Jews will just start making videos “pro-White.” Jews can’t heal what they caused, our genocide, Christian White Genocide.
Here’s the lyrics: Video below.

David Bowie Fame Lyrics

You can see at the beginning that there is a power that is “Taking Things Over.” I call it the Big Jew Takeover as Whites willingly hand over everything they own, as White Christians Poles did for 900 years, including their daughters and boys, and then Jews instead of being “grateful,” starved them to death slowly, while the Jews walked around in golden glittery robes robbing the White Christ-ian corpses. What does that say for “Christ-ianty.” Does God want this? Would Jesus kill and starve us or comfort, heal and feed us?
When the song talks of “hard to swallow” it is when a homosexual has anal sex, the peter is filled with poop, and the gay guy sucks off the poop and cum in oral sex. Filthy, but you have to call homosexuality what it is. Not glorify and glamorize it as Jews have damaged your minds. Also, Jews have taken some of your most handsome men and turned them “gay” for the Jews’ pleasure of killing off the White man. Jews get pleasure of turning our boys gay as black sadist, Martin Luther King, beat up the White prostitutes here in Vegas. It was “that” protest I was on, that stopped the White People’s Party by the FBI.
Puts you where things are hallow: the anus. In Chicago, at the ER, a homo guy had to be hospitalized for he would take “mice” perhaps, white mice, and put them up his rectum and they got stuck and he started to die. Jews care less what happens to their raped victims, even death.
When the words say “it’s not your brain, it is the flame.” The Jews have fried our brains like eggs that were once healthy. the “flame” as I wrote upstairs Jews use freely to “burn” us. The Holocaust is the Jewish “flame” obsession, since it was Jewish Joshua who burned his enemies men, women, children, cattle, in clay ovens, not Hitler.
The words “Burns your change to keep you insane, (sane). Double meaning. I’ve written Jews have already driven us insane. They are the most neurotic people on the planet and we their victims. It is like going to the craziest person you have ever seen even on screen and asking them to “help” you and “believing” what they say to do. But it could mean keep you “sane,” meaning it is “sane” to be a White Homosexual and insane to be a White Christian Heterosexual.
What you like in the limo, is Jewish sex. Big Deal. Hitler let the Whites have sex right in the front Nazi offices to reproduce healthy White children and more of them. Now White Germans face extinction and economical crisis since they are carrying the weight of all of Europe.
“What you get is no tomorrow.” That is Jewish words screaming at the top of their lungs collectively. White Christians have no tomorrow, and the White homo’s sperm will never make children raised sanely.
“What you need you have to borrow.” Sounds like Jewish Ben Shalom Bernancke’s Federal Reserve Bank and credit. Whites’ median net worth went from 125,000 to 77,000 from 2007 to 2010 under Black Obama whose wife’s relative is the top Jewish Black Rabbi in the world! How Jewish can the United Semites of America get?
The next words talk about how fame drives one to crime. Jews make the USA soil fertile for crime and their genocide of us.
The words Bowie is singing about “best” and “babe” he is singing not to the White woman who is now just reduced to a womb for Jewish devilish sperm and any other race or rape. She must submit. Once the USA let the first black rape of a white woman go unpunished, (White country club prisons that take care of blacks for life in leisure is “ Not” punishment.” Making my White son live like a ferule in the forests because of no job, no money, addicted, and demolished as the Jews brought down 3 skyscrapers with 2 planes.
Bowie sings that the homo is “too cool to fool.” But not the White Species or White Christians who have swallowed every Jewish pill until we are vomiting our guts out, both physical pills and mental, emotional for Jews play us like White harp strings and we quickly respond with $$, sex, power, businesses, churches.
Bully for you, chilly for me. Jews have bullied for millenniums but the only monster bullies in the entire universe’s mind is the White Christian Heterosexual German Nazi who tried to save the White race. Not that they were perfect, but look at today, and see what a Herculean task it seems like.
Then of course, the “last” words, which is a Jewish punch in the White man’s nose, blackening his eye, kicking him in the groin, like the black man in South Chicago, right where Michele Black Obama came from, kicked my brother in the groin to destroy… his manhood. And he did. My brother freaked out, never married, never had children. Yet of all my brothers, he would be called the “Aryan” with blondish hair, blue eyes, white skin. None of my other brothers had that. My one brother had grey eyes though.
Fame, (fame) makes a man take things over
Fame, (fame) lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, (fame) puts you there where things are hollow
Fame (fame)

Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame
That burns your change to keep you insane (sane)
Fame (fame)

Fame, (fame) what you like is in the limo
Fame, (fame) what you get is no tomorrow
Fame, (fame) what you need you have to borrow
Fame (fame)

Fame, nien! it’s mine! is just his line
To bind your time, it drives you to, crime
Fame (fame)

Could it be the best, could it be?
Really be, really, babe?
Could it be, my babe, could it, babe?
Could it, babe? , could it, babe?

Is it any wonder I reject you first?
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool
Fame (fame)

Fame, bully for you, chilly for me
Got to get a rain check on pain (pain)

Fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame ,fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame
What’s your name?

Feeling so gay, feeling gay


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