Autobiography Draft: Chapter 15: White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue as Black Michelle Obama

Chapter 15 I remember my sister Vika (short for Victory) driving me to the hospital as an outpatient at first, for in our family, she was the caretaker through any medical problems since, because she had a car. When I spoke to a student psychiatrist for the first time, a female in 1967, I explained […]

Me as Leader in Quality Movement, American Female Pioneer, Dr. Deming: Founder of Quality Movement

White Dr. Deming. Another White Genius…. but what happened to him…. he was sent to “Japan” to “help” them with their “manufacturing, electronics, Japanese autos. I was leader trained in his methods in the Quality Movement at Roadway Express Trucking. I am giving another “idea” in saving White race. Let’s adopt business techniques, and if […]

White Mothers vs Black & Jewess Mothers

It’s Mother’s Day and I want you to think of this “Poor Black “Dear Mama” as this black song sings and then compare to my White Poor Christian Mama, who worked, slaved for Jewish doctor and others, took care of her Daddy like a King, made fresh soups, homemade noodles, homemade golden raisin bread to […]

Jews Redemption as Slaves for White Christians?

On “all” of the commentaries say that if the Jews are to be “redeemed” then they are to be the servants, slaves of Gentiles! In a way, the Jews are our slaves. They do our thinking for us, our banking, our agents, our publishing, our spokesman, write our books for Whites, tell us how […]

Bunker & My White Golden Hands

I’m putting together a tribute to the wonderfully talented Jean Stapleton of All in the Family. I bought posters, 2 smaller, and will just have a collage of episodes around it. But at this point in life, since White Christians as well as Whites are going extinct, we have to analyze what the Jews did, […]

Jesus Saves White Race

From Elvis’ Graceland        Will be doing a tribute again to Jesus for Easter and the Resurrection. Although I have identified with Jesus’ agony, it is His resurrection that gives us hope. It really shows that we are immortal and really don’t die.  We just seem to in our limited understanding.   I’ve got a […]

White Raced Suburbia

Just a quick email.  I’m scrubbing my White carpets, changing air filters for furnace, and scrubbing blacks stains off .   But as I was adding hot water to Bissell Steam Rug Cleaner, which I own, I thought of something about the medical.   Also, a word that I heard on the radio that there […]